We sell oysters, and we are so much more than that.

We’re a neighbourhood oyster house that brings the ease of a maritime pub to the heart of Old Toronto we all care for and love. We offer a relaxed environment where you can come unwind, relish, and of course, eat the most delectable oysters.

We’re not trying to be eagerly trendy or particularly fancy, but frankly, we'd rather not be.

Today, everywhere you look you see overhyped restaurants that are pushing the next food fad. But us, we’re about being timeless, about staying classic, and we plan to keep going by making sure our passion and honesty is part of our hospitality. Always. This brings us our devoted friends, not just people looking for a popular hangout.

The way to truly enjoy yourself is to bring a few companions, just let go and eat, drink and talk.  After all this is what our restaurant is about, we aren't trying to challenge you, we just want you to have a nice time

We’re John & Sons.